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Guilt and Shame

The twin emotions of guilt and shame seem to be singularly unprofitable. From a Darwinian perspective, what purpose could they serve? But rare is the individual who can claim to be free of them. I have read that eastern cultures … Continue reading

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Rain in the Borneo Jungle

Picture this, if you will. It is a sultry afternoon. Your boatman, with a practiced hand, guides the motorized canoe upstream over the heavy brown water of the Temburong river, navigating a series of rapids. You squint in the harsh sunlight … Continue reading

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Happy Memories, Part 1

I like to tell people my earliest memory is from when I was three or four. It features two little homeless children, about the same size as me, on a garbage dump. They were fighting feral dogs for a few … Continue reading

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Zip lining with Gibbons in Laos

January, 2015: We were in Bokeo, Laos primarily for the Gibbon Experience.  Black gibbons are indigenous to this part of Laos, and an endangered species. Poaching and logging over the years reduced their numbers to a pitiful level, and this project … Continue reading

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