SUP in Tobago

Stand-up paddle boarding has become pretty popular of late. It’s the perfect way to explore rivers or calm seas. (If you are an expert, I suppose you can explore rough seas as well, but this is not me.) Whether we’re visiting the in-laws at Cape Cod, or spending a couple of days on a Caribbean island, we usually find a stand-up paddle board or two to use. It’s a work-out for the core, but it’s easier to move along than a boat, so you can go (and see) further.

The most fun we’ve had on a SUP trip was when we went on a guided tour with Duane in Tobago.  Duane is a local, and knows all the ins-and-outs of the area. He’s also a gregarious guide, and you’ll probably be fast friends with him long before the day is up. The tour started with a paddle down Richmond river to steady out my shaking knees. Then we went on to Bloody Bay (named so because of a long-ago battle; it is actually beautiful and very calm), where we pulled up on to an inaccessible beach to take a dip in Duane’s secret waterfall. Our final stop was the gorgeous Lovers Bay, where we had the incredible good fortune of running into a pod of playful dolphins!


What is your favorite SUP adventure? Let me know in the comments below.

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