NY Boat Show

This is the first year we went to the New York Boat Show. It’s running right now at the Javit’s Center, through this weekend. A convention center floor full of boats, from the humble $5000 jet ski, to luxury boats that cost close to a million dollars. Is this actually fun? Of course it is!boat-show

I imagine it is more serious than fun for those present with an eye to actual boat ownership. We were not, however, at the show to actually buy a boat. We live in an apartment in a city — our lifestyle by-and-large precludes boat ownership. Even if we could afford a toy like that, where would we put it? But I grinned like a child as we climbed into some of the boats. There were ones with multiple bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen — every comfort you could ask for. Ones with fancy leather trimming, so fancy that we had to take off our shoes to climb aboard. I sat down in the pilot’s seat and made the “Brrrrrmm” sound that every five-year-old boy has made while playing with his toy truck (or boat, as the case may be). I permitted myself to be lost in this play-time for an hour or two, with life-size toys that I had no intention of owning.

There are people for whom living on-board is reality, a deliberate life-style choice. A boat is not a play-thing, but their home. If we ever own a boat with living quarters, I imagine it will be because we made that life-style choice. That’s another pleasant daydream. Life would, of necessity, be simple and uncluttered. We would get to watch every sunrise or sunset. We would roam from place to place at will. I can imagine wandering the different islands of the Caribbean, looking at the different shades of blue and green, feeling the wind on my face. I am not sure how this dream is compatible with making a living! But for a minute there, I was teleported from the grey skies of NYC to the blue warmth of the tropics.

My verdict: Go there, have fun and play. Find your inner child!

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1 Response to NY Boat Show

  1. Swami says:

    Interesting that a boat show would be held at an indoor convention centre rather than a dockyard. I guess dockyards are not structured to have thousands of visitors wandering across hundreds of boats. But the sheer logistics of getting all those boats in and out must be daunting.

    Great that you posted it in time for people to still visit it! It sounds tempting, but it is a bit difficult for me to get there from Chennai in time.


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