How we think

Are we independent thinkers? Or does our education frame our thought processes in ways that we don’t even know?

I am an engineer by training, and talked about this to some of my engineering friends. On the surface, we are very different, but we came to realize that we have something in common. We look at anything as a problem to be solved. Studying as an engineer trains you to be a problem solver. A scientist friend added, training as a scientist is about pattern recognition. It’s about getting to the point.

I took the same question to my friends in the humanities. They said that, while engineering and sciences are about efficiency, the humanities are about a journey — trying to travel around and discover your own thoughts. You explore a lot by reading the writing of many authors, and frame your own unique thoughts. You learn to look at life in broad strokes.

Ultimately, whatever the broad strokes of our thinking, our individual thoughts are as unique as each of us.

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1 Response to How we think

  1. Hugh McGuire says:

    In my view, thinking is the ability to relate the details of a current problem, dilemma, or conundrum to the breath of our education. Thinking enables us to see many more dimensions of a problem, and recognize many solution possibilities. It allows us to plum the multidimensional depths of our experience and imagine what others may perceive and experience.

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