Need for speed

Feeling the rush of wind on your face is… well, a rush. I love it. I love sprinting as fast as I can. I love riding on motor bikes. In convertibles. On speedboats. On jet skis. There is something about the sensation of speed that makes you feel like you are leaving all your troubles far behind. This world of responsibilities melts away in the wind. I can’t help smiling wide with the wind in my face.

There is an old ship wrecked off the coast of Providenciales, Turks and Caicos, directly off Long Bay beach. A storm many years ago blew it into the shallow waters, and there it has been ever since. The ship is too far out to swim to, so a perfect way to explore it is to rent a jet ski. You can combine the visceral pleasure of riding the waves on a jet ski, with having a suitable destination to explore.

Let’s ride faster, even faster. Let’s feel the spray of seawater on our faces. Let’s feel the seat become so slippery, and the ride become so bumpy, that we can hardly keep our balance on the jet ski. Let’s feel the wind whip our face, whipping away the squeals of pleasure. Let’s ride till we are spent from sheer pleasure.

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