Grenada – Grand Anse Beach

We spent a lazy morning on the Grand Anse beach in Grenada, which showcases the trademark white sand and calm blue-green water of the Caribbean. Beach chairs and umbrellas line the entire beach, available for your lounging pleasure at the enterprising rate of $10/day. In the shade, the temperature is perfect, the breeze neither warm nor cool. You can lie on the beach chairs and listen to the sound of the wavelets swish against the shore.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

If you are in a more active mood, the 200 m long, flat crescent beach will beckon you to walk. After walking the length of the beach in the sun, a cooling dip in the calm waters is a welcome respite. The water feels good enough that you linger in it for hours, floating and splashing. You don’t have to stay in your beach chair long before people armed with menus start competing for your custom. A traditional meal of rice, beans and chicken hits the spot in the early afternoon.

There are plenty of vacationers on this beach, but it is large enough that you never feel crowded. Two large cruise ships were docked at the St. George Marina the morning we were there, and their passengers were sprinkling the Grand Anse beach with Italian, German and Russian conversations. This is not a beach reserved for the beautiful people. Sagging abdomens above tight speedos are not out of place here. Everyone is clearly having a good time, whether in the water, or lounging on the beach, from pale white senior citizens chattering away, to ebony-skinned toddlers shrieking in their play.

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2 Responses to Grenada – Grand Anse Beach

  1. kathaykathay says:

    sounds like a nice place:-)


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