Grenada – The Rest of the Beaches

Grenada has a rocky coastline, with sheer cliffs dipping down to the ocean in a lot of places. This coastline is relieved by about 40 delectable beaches. The best known of these is the Grande Anse beach, which I wrote about here.

Close to the Grande Anse is the Morne Rouge beach, also known as the BBC beach. This beach is a lot smaller than the Grande Anse, and even prettier. Cliffs and trees edge a mini lagoon. The short stretch of beach in between has the softest white sand. Incidentally, parrot fish eat coral, and having digested the nutrients, get rid of the remainder in the form of a white powder, which washes up on the shores of all the islands near the coral reefs. So when we are walking on the softest, dreamiest, white sand beaches, we are actually walking on parrot fish poop. I know this, but the beach still feels lovely! The water is as calm as a pool, as we swim lazily in the waning afternoon light.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

All the way at the other end of the island is Levara beach. It takes so long to drive up the somewhat uncertain roads to the north-eastern corner of Grenada, that most people don’t attempt it. But it is a completely different experience. Unlike the west coast, the ocean on the east coast (the windward side) is choppy. Levara beach is a perfect spot for wave-jumping. If you stand on the beach directly across from the unmistakably conical Sugar Loaf island, waves roll in from all three directions. You have to be alert and nimble to avoid getting swamped.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

A joy of being on an island is the diversity of beach experiences you can have there. Grenada offers up this gift to the discerning traveler.

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1 Response to Grenada – The Rest of the Beaches

  1. swamimalathi says:

    Is that right? There is actually a spot on a beach where waves come from multiple directions? I didn’t realize that was possible, though now I can see that the end of a narrow island would reasonably have waves from two directions. But wouldn’t there be some interference pattern … need another of your videos to see what waves from multiple directions looks like!

    Live and learn, definitely.


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