Grenada – Underwater Sculpture Museum

A unique attraction to experience in Grenada is the underwater sculpture museum. This is in the open ocean close to St. George, and you have to take a boat, and get into the water with a snorkel mask to see its statues. The statues are sculpted primarily from concrete and rebar, and placed on the ocean floor to take advantage of the natural topography and sandy stretches. They form a sort of artificial reef,and have been covered by mosses and other underwater vegetation over the course of the years, and support a thriving community of reef fish. This marine life is an essential part of the experience of this sculpture museum. The sculptures sneaks up on you in an eerie way, as you are snorkeling in the open ocean.

The original sculptures are all by  Jason de Caires Taylor. The most prominent piece is the “Children of the Deep”, which depicts a group go children standing in a ring, facing outwards, holding hands. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Other pieces depict a woman praying, a mermaid, and a typist (“The Lost Correspondent”).OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA



I would recommend going to see this on your own, if you can. Part of the charm of this underwater museum is swimming around, trying to locate the art pieces, and then, the small victory of finding each of them, each mysterious, covered in moss and fish.




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