The other Grenada

I’ve written a few posts about Grenada (pronounced “Gre-nay-da”), the country in the Caribbean. This one is about Grenada (pronounced “Gre-nah-da”), the city in Nicaragua. (Both these places take their name from Grenada, Spain, so why, I wonder, is there a difference in the way their names are said?)
Grenada, Nicaragua is a charming colonial city.IMG_2851.jpg

It is also an easy city for a tourist. The attractions are concentrated in the center of town. There is one main tourist street, lined with hostels, restaurants, and tour agencies. Right by that, is the city’s most prominent and striking church, flanked by the central park, Horse-carriages line up in front of this. It is possible to take a city tour in a horse-carriage, and your driver will point out all the main attractions, from the churches, to the houses of the rich and famous.




In all likelihood, though, your driver will speak only Spanish. This is true of most people you meet in Grenada. But everyone will go out of their way to be helpful, finding a way to communicate even if you speak only English.
A few blocks away is another church, and you can climb a very narrow spiral staircase to the top of its tower for a great view of the city.IMG_2856.jpg
Grenada is on the edge of Lake Nicaragua, which is large enough to look like a sea. It is the result of past volcanic action, and has 365 islets right off Grenada. So you can visit one every day of the year! Or, lacking your own boat, you can take a nice little boat tour of the islets.P2110582.jpg
You’ll get to see many birds, a fort, a monkey island where the monkeys venture close by since they are used to being fed by the tourists, and more homes of the wealthy. If you pick the right tour, you will even get to stop off on your very own private island.
Verdict: Worth spending a few days!
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