If you have been big wave surfing, you will know the feeling I am talking about. You crash, and you get sucked into the depths, the weight of a giant wave upon you. For long minutes you are submerged, holding your breath, pinned down by the water, not knowing which way is which. You grab on to your leash and pull yourself up laboriously. And when your head breaks the surface of the water, what a relief! You are no longer drowning. You are alive.

It feels the same way when you finally break through months of depression. What a relief to be able to breathe again, to not be drowning in the waves of despair. It is specially sweet when you come up for air and discover that winter has passed. It is springtime.

This beautiful spring afternoon, we went to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. This place has always been a favorite haunt of mine, and never more so than in springtime, when all the plants burst into color. This is still the very beginning of spring, but the magnolias are in full bloom, blanketing trees with luxurious pink and white.IMG_2878

The daffodils have popped their golden heads up from the earth. I remembered Wordsworth, “A host, of golden daffodils.”IMG_2887

The cherry trees are just beginning to blossom, their sweet pink and white surrounding the Japanese pond. They will probably be peaking around next weekend.IMG_2886

This is the time of the year to be outdoors, to enjoy those gifts that nature brings us, even in the midst of a city.

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1 Response to Springtime

  1. Mahira Kakkar says:

    Lovely! Yes- that feeling of relief is very real. Beautiful photographs-thanks for sharing


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