Apologies, apologies. Last Saturday flew by without my realizing what day of the week it was, and I never did my blog post. I have another full Saturday coming up, so I am releasing this week’s post early.

Greek legend has it that Prometheus was sentenced to perpetually push a boulder up a mountain for bringing the gift of fire to humankind. Eternal pushing is definitely a grave punishment.

Recently, I’ve been resistant to doing any of the things that are good for me, and that I need to do for my present and future. So, I am trying to push myself. Finding the internal motivation to overcome my internal resistance is difficult. Finding ways to eternally procrastinate is easy.

The thesaurus gives us the following synonyms for “push”: advance, drive, effort, thrust, exertion, impact, lean, shoving, straining, thrusting. The most innocuous of these terms is “lean”, I think. I’m in two minds about whether reading “Lean In” will be a good use of my time, or whether it will just be further procrastination. I try to find sources of motivation in the external world, but I have a feeling that the push must come from inside.

What are your thoughts on pushing?

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2 Responses to Pushing

  1. Scott Baker says:

    Getting that boulder moving to start with is much harder than keeping it moving. While internal motivation is important, there is nothing wrong with getting someone else to help you push. I know if i tell someone else what I plan to do instead of just telling myself, then i am more likely to do it.


  2. swamimalathi says:

    That giving any inputs would be pushing 🙂

    One possibility would be use reading the book as a reward. Clearly, it is a book you would like to read, so tell yourself that if you start doing something, then you can read the book as a reward. As Scott says above, once you get started it is easier to keep doing it.

    Though you may have my problem, that once I get started, I really enjoy doing whatever it is (even housework) and I keep doing it. But once I stop, I have difficulty getting started again.

    One of the nice things about a job is that it does pulling instead of pushing – knowing that there are external commitments and expectations to meet gives you a push/pull every day.


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