The changing of seasons

The leaves are done turning their spectacular colors. One by one, they fall, as the promise of snow starts flirting with the warm earth. It is a time for endings. It is a time for beginnings.10406975_10204345953502305_7800583024299402785_n

There are so many ways of saying goodbye. The child off to her first day of school, in a brand new uniform. The high schooler headed to college, her life packed in brand new suitcases. The graduate stepping into the working world, wearing a brand new attitude. The bride walking out of her childhood home, with brand new red-lined feet. The adult creating her life anew, living in her brand new way of being. Goodbyes to family. Goodbyes to friends.

Tears and fears and feeling proud

There are so many ways to say hello. Hello to new friends and old. Hello to those you just met, and those you have known forever. And those that you just didn’t know you’ve known forever. Hello to a whole new world, to the trapeze act in the limelight and the shoulders squared in the dark. Hello to love and joy and possibility, wherever you find them.

The magic of a book and the magic of life is — if you turn the page, a new chapter begins.

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1 Response to The changing of seasons

  1. swamimalathi says:

    Exceptionally good. The idea of beginnings as goodbyes is so true, and quite the reversal of how we frame it. There is beauty in the old too.


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