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Post-election thoughts: I stand corrected

Two weeks ago, a few days after the election, I published a post that put out a tiny tendril of unsubstantiated hope. I said that we liberals have to move on and give Trump a chance. I stand corrected. I … Continue reading

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Hope and Pragmatism

This was the week when the United States was to have joined countries like India, Pakistan, U.K. and Germany by electing its first woman leader. Millions were heartbroken and horrified when the electorate voted otherwise. Millions more were euphoric. And … Continue reading

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The changing of seasons

The leaves are done turning their spectacular colors. One by one, they fall, as the promise of snow starts flirting with the warm earth. It is a time for endings. It is a time for beginnings.

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The Invitation

by Oriah Mountain Dreamer It doesn’t interest me what you do for a living. I want to know what you ache for, And if you dare to dream of meeting your heart’s longing. It doesn’t interest me how old you … Continue reading

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Shades of the Sea

The sea was the home of her soul. As a little girl, she would wait every year for the precious few days that they’d spend by the sea. The long train ride. The dusty road and clean white house. And … Continue reading

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We were attacked on September 11th

“We won the Superbowl!!” “No”, I think, “You didn’t. The team you support did.” I smile. I say nothing.

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I made a new friend yesterday. She told me that her son had moved from a predominantly black neighborhood in NYC to a mostly white upstate New York college, and really struggled with seeing, for the very first time, how it … Continue reading

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My boss is my Facebook friend

This whole thing started a few years back, when he was not my boss, or anything similar. We met through work, we did a few tough projects together, we grew to respect each other, then like each other, and eventually … Continue reading

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“What do you fly from New York to Calcutta?”, my friend asked me. “Emirates”, I said. He chastised me, “How can you give your money to them? Emirates is subsidized by Dubai, which is as rich as it is because … Continue reading

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Summer Vacation

My father does not swim. I’m not old enough to walk yet; my sister is a toddler. Balancing me on his arm, and holding her by the hand, He walks into the waves. My father loves the ocean.

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