Laughing at Life

What you’ll find in my blog posts:

FullSizeRenderAttempts to put into words what it is like living with mental illness, whether you are seeking to understand yourself or someone else: smoke and shadows of the mindpainpaying attentionfive things to know about depression, feeling gratitudefeeling anxietypushing yourselfstillnessleaving your therapistwritingnostalgia and relating to others.

IMG_0912A humorous take on having a brain tumor, and how that affects your mental wellbeing: the diagnosissurgery, and recovery.



IMG_2774Reviews of books that have brought me happiness: Wodehousehumorous memoirsAsimovOne, and Marbles.






FullSizeRenderSweet and/or funny personal memories which make me (and hopefully you) smile: running with a blue mugstealing flowersmonsoonsmy first snowfallmeeting my husband, and celebrating new year’s eve. And some that just make me think: fighting, and summer vacations.




Grenada4Activities I recommend for making yourself happy: travelsnorkelingSUPseeing fall colorsviewing flowers in springwatching an adventure film festival, and going to a boat show, flying first class (just once!), and moving to a new neighborhood.

HeadphonesEssays on life and other annoyances meant to shake you up, to provoke thoughts (or just provoke you): headphonesguilt/shamefootballromanceclimate changehow we thinktravel tipsborder crossingsreflections by the beach, movingslavery, and being smooth.

25689_1381224284000_4181887_nTravel Tales, which gets its very own page





And finally, the category of Wordless Wednesday, which has pictures and quotes on all of the above.