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#WordlessWednesday : Star


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Book Review: Reasons to Stay Alive

“What idiot called it’depression’ and not ‘there are bats living in my chest and they take up a lot of room’, ps. I see a shadow.” – Melissa Broder, poet “Reasons to Stay Alive”, by Matt Haig, struck a chord … Continue reading

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I am reading Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series again. I’ve read the series over a dozen times since I first came across it when I was in 5th grade. Asimov is one of my favorite authors in one of my favorite … Continue reading

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Richard Bach is an author who writes his own mixture of fantasy and philosophy, well known for Jonathan Livingston Seagull and Illusions. One ¬†of his later works is the novel, One. As you may guess from the title, the book … Continue reading

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“George wandered down Shaftesbury Avenue feeling more depressed than ever. The sun had gone in for the time being, and the east wind was frolicking round him like a playful puppy, patting him with a cold paw, nuzzling his ankles, … Continue reading

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Is Happiness Boring?

I’ve read a fair number of memoirs, essay collections, and so on. Few of them, if any, are happy. Funny, yes. But mostly a darker shade of humor. The bad things that happen to our protagonist (the author) make it … Continue reading

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